Anonymous asked: Hey, Grace here! It's getting close to Valentine's Day. Any of you got a "special person" in mind, if you know what I mean... - 2/10/2014

Hahaha nope not this year! 


ask-hi-def-crew asked: Happy birthday , Emilia ! We'll send you a card later . Happy birthday again

Thanks guys! :)


ashleymanalo12 asked: Happy birthday , Emilia !

Thank you!!


Anonymous asked: what do you guys think about flash4wrd ? and are you guys close friends or something?

They’re very talented, but we aren’t very close with them


Anonymous asked: Hey, Grace here. I'd like to say something to my "lady bro". Happy Birthday, Emilia! - 2/3/2014

Thank you Grace! :)


ask-hi-def-crew asked: hey guys!how y'all doin'?

Great! Busy! How about you guys?


Anonymous asked: BODIE SNIFF YOUR PITS

Why…anon you’re scaring me


Anonymous asked: Hey Em. It's Grace. So it's that "time of the month" for me. How do you feel when it happens? - 11/1/13

Um, bloated I guess haha


Anonymous asked: Do you kiss Emilia on the cheek to say hello?

Not unless I want to get smacked in the face


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Anonymous asked: bodie emilia is sexy?